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STØTEK Energy efficient furnaces

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At STØTEK we have agencies that are marketed and sold by STØTEK to foundries in Scandinavia.

Noltina -Morganite

Quality crucibles for all kinds of applications!

Noltina supplies high-quality crucibles for melting, holding, transporting, casting and distilling all kinds of nonferrous metals. The resulting end products are used in all fields of the automotive, aeronautics, and mechanical engineering industry as well as in the electrical and construction industry.
In addition, Noltina crucibles are used for refining precious metals for jewelry manufacturing, for the production of basic products for the pharmaceutical industry, and for the production of colors.

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Schäfer Chemische Fabrik

Products for metal treatment

• Sodium refinement
• Degassing
• Grain refinement
• Cover and purification salt
• Coatings for chill casting

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Kleine-Brockhoff und Oelschläger GmbH (Kbo)

Mold and melting products

• Alcohol- and water-based coatings
• Mold sand ("Redsand")
• Core glue / adhesives (Pulit)
• O.B.B. oil and paste
• Sealer (Cordolan)

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